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Anywhere you live or any place you visit makes you in somehow. My professional growth goes hand-in-hand with my comings and goings, with every single city where I have lived some experience and where I have learnt things, in and out of the office.

I am going to tell you what I have done in Digital Marketing, Communication and more sectors, tracking my footprints since I left the nest in Coruña, my home town in Spain.

Experience in offline media Experience in online media and digitial marketing Experience in Digital Marketing and SEO Erasmus


The university helped me to understand that you can´t learn everything from books.

Audiovisual Communications

Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Localia Coruña

Radio Aranjuez


Inspiration and beauty everywhere. I wish to be an "Erasmus" again.

European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students

Universitá Sapienza di Roma


Going back home
The return to Galicia was linked to journalism and reunions.


El Ideal Gallego

A little short break for something more personal

A perfect day is: wake up and have a hot latte with toasts while I watch a series and then take a bike ride and have a nice chat with someone interesting. The holidays of my dreams; the more different place the better, where I can meet local people and be surprised by something unusual and unknown. The best city to live in...Madrid. The best lace to return back to, A Coruña. The place where I wish to live for a year, Bombay.

Momentos divertidos

I haved worked in many different places. Companies where I have heard people yelling, where I was asked to do things for yesterday and where I had to contribute even with the toilet paper. I also know the opposite site. Libraries with funny children running around and colourful offices with colleagues from everywhere where I learnt something new everyday. Sometimes I regret not to have studied IT as everything would have been easier, but I had missed too many things...


The online world started knocking the door.
Madrid got me in contact with Teaching and Online Communication.

Máster en Formación del Profesorado

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Web 2.0 and tools for the Community Manager
(Innovation & Entrepreneurship Business School))

Social Media: social media, monitoring and crisis management

Positioning and Online Marketing: SEO, SEM and Web Analytic

Universidad Complutense de Madrid



Cultural Actex

Iandê Oca


Without Ireland I wouldn´t be what I am today.
This coutry linked me with the world and it motivated me more than any other place ever.


Certificate in Digital Marketing

Fitzwilliam Institute

Diploma in PR

Fitzwilliam Institute



Google Maps

Volunteer Centre Dun Laoghaire

Wall Street International



Logo MR Digital Marketing Specialist

I am in Ireland right now, but if you need me I can go at the drop of a hat.

If you want to contact me don't hesitate:

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