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About Personal Marketing and that known as Personal Branding

Boost your Personal Brand

First of all, thanks for stopping by this blog. In this little corner of my site I will give you some clues about how you can apply what you know about Digital Marketing to that valuable thing that is your personal brand. 

This blog not only targets professionals of Digital Marketing, but It was done for enterprising people with initiative and willing to show in and efficient way what they do and why they are different. If we bet for ourselves we can get much more that filling thousands of forms and applications.

What is Personal Marketing ?

Personal Marketing uses Digital marketing techniques to promote, spread and boost a personal brand. Sometimes there is confusion between personal brand, personal marketing and branding personal because they are inevitably connected. Luis M. Villanueva explains in his blog (in Spanish) the differences between these three terms in a very comprehensive way.

As if it were a company, we can apply all the tools and strategies of a product promotion to our own work with different objectives:

  • Improve our online reputation.
  • Get new clients for our company.
  • Attract new users and visits to our site so we become a referent in our sector and that can help us to grow professionally and being considered like an expert.
  • Find a better job. There is no more efficient way to do this that proving what you can do using Digital Marketing tools.

I will overlook offline marketing tools here . Internet is one of the most effective way to reach a wide range of public nowadays, however there are other formulas out there apart from online marketing that may you should think about, but I am not going to talk about them. In Do it Personal Marketing we talk about “online”, if you are looking for something else…you are in the wrong place my friend.

Build your own Personal Marketing plan

As this post is just an intro of what is coming, I just ask you for a homework task; think about couple of things:


Basics of a Personal Marketing Plan
Basics of a Personal Marketing Plan

1. Define your goals.

If you want to boost your personal brand it is for a reason. Maybe you want to find a better job within the Marketing sector, perhaps you are looking for a specialization in some aspect of your career or you simply want to kill the time with some hobby, Digital Marketing for instance.

2. Think about your audience.

Who are those you want to contact with through your Personal Marketing plan? Your public may be the responsible of Human Resources of that agency you wish to work for or maybe they are potential clients for your business or other professionals you want to include in your network in the future…

It is important to know who is listening and how they behave in order to adapt the channels, the message and the style to them, offering the specific content they are looking for.


Connect with your audience

3. Be consistent in your messages.

Try always to be consistent with both the content and the style in all your communication channels. Your blog and your social media are an 24/7 opened CV. Internet doesn´t shut the door, therefore we have to be presentable all the time.

4. Work in your Personal Brand.

You will be more recognizable among the competitors if you build up a number of codes that identify you. A good logo that talks in your behalf and connects with emotions. Start giving a thought about colors, symbols, shapes and slogans that match with your professional side. Once you have a logo will be easier to come up with a design for your web, range of colors and, eventually, your personal brand.

5. Plan your strategy.

Today I just to give you a flavor of how you should take into account when creating a Personal Marketing plan. It is a must to think about which tools are the best, according to the message you want to sent, the channels that will make you more visible to your target audience and the resources you have available.

You have to be realistic and be aware of how much time are you willing to spend in your project in the way that you can keep the quality.

6. Measure the results.

Nowadays we can not fool ourselves. We have to many measuring and analytical tools that, if we want, we can know if we are reaching our objectives easily. Is the traffic to our site or blog increasing? Are they sharing our content in social media? Did someone contact me since I start with my plan? If the answer to all these questions are negative we have to rethink the plan and modify it until the numbers change, and they will do, don´t worry.


Google Analytics will provide us with a lot of information about the behavior of our audience
Google Analytics will give us a lot of information about our audience.

If this wasn’t enough and, JUST until I publish more content about all these things, I let you read this handy guide of personal branding

With this basic notes on the basics of Personal Marketing I can say this blog is running at last. I wish to see you around here. Please, comment and share and I will do the same.

Are you ready for starting your Personal Marketing plan?


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