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Utiliza las técnicas del mejor Digital Marketing para promocionar la más importante de las marcas, tu marca personal.

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Hazlo Personal Marketing is a little corner where I tell you the secrets of Personal Marketing, the branch of marketing focused on promoting what a person is using Online tools. You will find tricks and tips from Digital Marketing to apply to your own Personal Brand in order to enhance your online presence.

If you already know where you are heading and what you want to get, Personal Marketing will help you to create your message in the way they can reach your target audience in the best way. When you expose yourself to the Internet without control you take the risk of other choose the message and style in your behalf. In this blog I share strategies to transmit that will be useful according to your objectives.

Maybe this site will be a hotchpotch from time to time as Digital Marketing is a wide topic to talk about and I won’t miss the opportunity to play around with other things related with this exciting sector as well. I look forward your comments, even your criticism.

Don’t hesitate and Do it Personal Marketing.


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I am in Ireland right now, but if you need me I can go at the drop of a hat.

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